Dr. Dianna Hollins

"I am allergic to failure"


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What People Are Saying About Dr. Hollins

"I would like to recommend the ministry of Dr. Dianna Hollins to the Body of Christ worldwide. Her faithfulness to the call of God, and her commitment to the people of God, is evident through her tireless efforts to minister to and bless through her praying, preaching, and teaching. She is committed to helping the saints walk in the fullness of their purposes and destinies. She is a woman of revelation, and she models the love and holiness of Christ. Be blessed by her ministry and receive the grace that she imparts through her life."

Apostle John EckhardtBest Selling Author and Apostle of Crusaders Church of Chicago, IL

"We have personally witnessed her consistently demonstrate a life of truth, honor, and integrity!"

LaJun and Valora ColeLead Pastors at Perfected Love

"Dr. M. Dianna Hollins Ministries is a powerful, spirit-filled and spirit led woman of God whose ministry is blessing the lives of people across the state of Georgia and beyond. She is walking in an extraordinary God-given vision of exhortation, teaching, coaching and entrepreneurship that will continue to bear fruit for decades to come. Dr. Hollins is remarkably prepared and anointed to do God’s work of leading multitudes to the abundant life."

Janice L. Mathis, Esq.Executive Director for National Council of Negro Women

"Dr. Hollins tirelessly dedicates all her efforts towards the betterment of humanity!"

Dr. Lenora PetersonUnited States Ambassador

"Dr. Dianna Hollins is a great spiritual and intuitive leader who gives revelatory insight to kingdom principles for practical application. She empowers those who seek a deeper relationship with God."

Dr. Cindy TrimmBest Selling Author & Empowerment Specialist

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